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For Vehicle, Aircraft, Machinery and Wood Structure Rescue

With an increased rate of roll-overs in modern vehicles, rescuers are finding themselves in need of advanced stabilization tools to provide quick and convenient support for an unstable vehicle.

The advanced Kevlar ® Composite materials used in the TeleCrib ® System are up to 4 times stronger than steel struts and only half the weight.


Here are some of the fundamental advantages the Composite TeleCrib® has other strut brands:

8.165 kg maximum working load with 2:1 safety factor (16.330kg ultimate load)

They require minimal maintenance compared to air powered struts

Electrically non-conductive and environmentally and chemically resistant

Kits come complete with all accessories needed for a multitude of stabilization scenarios. Accessories can be stored in the included bag(s)

Our stabilization system costs less than most strut brands but has far more versatility than any other the best that money can buy!

The TeleCrib® Stabilization System is

Easy to Use

Strong & Lightweight

Corrosion Resistant

Electrically Non-conductive

TeleCrib ® Strut Jack

The TeleCrib Strut Jack is a removable 3,629 kg jack which fits over the strut body and gives the rescuer a controlled means for lifting or lowering a load.

which fits over the strut body and gives the rescuer a controlled means for lifting or lowering a load.

The Jack can be used to raise or lower the entire extension of the 2.6 m long strut body. It fits ALL strutsand because it is removableit can be moved from strut tostrut as neededminimizing and kit weight.

By replacing the baseplate with a spikefoot , you create a 2.6 m ram with spikes at both ends that can be used in confined space or in vehicle extrication.


The TeleCrib ® A-Frame Setup

The A-Frame will provide support for odd shaped loads loads where you are unable to get directly below the loadand for stabilizing loads form above.




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