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High light stick


˙ The Cyalume Corporation makes the best light sticks available.

˙ These emergency lights are Non-Toxice, Non-Flammable and Weatherproof.

˙ Cyalume Chemical Light sticks are perfect for aviation, marine, camping, and survival applications. Government and private agencies have relied on Cyalume Technology for years to help them enhance accident prevention, water and wilderness survival. Since Cyalume Light sticks and Cyalume Snap Lightsor are completely non-flammable, there´s no risk of fire. Indeed, Cyalume Light sticks never become warm to the touch, yet provide 360 degrees of illumination, are wind and waterproof and are visible up to one mile.

˙ Best Glide currently offers the 12 Hours (Low Intensity Green), 30 Minutes (High Intensity Yellow), 5 Minutes (Ultra High Intensity Orange), 3 Hours (Infra-Red IR Lightstick) and the life

saving 8 Hours Green Personnel Marker Light–RML.


Cyalume Light sticks will not generate heat or sparks and are non-flammable.

Cyalume Light sticks are safe, convenient, practical and maintenance-free.

Reliable in hazardous situations where life will be lost if products do not perform.

Have a 4 - year verifiable shell life with a printed expiration date on package.

Cyalume Light sticks are guaranteed leak proof, waterproof, and are nontoxic.

Are 100% reliable and maintenance-free with consistent light output & performance.

Are nonelectrical and don´t need to use batteries, bulbs or lenses, noncorrodible.

Cyalume Light sticks activate manually, on demand, in seconds.

Need no special storage requirements.

Fresh products made to order.

Cyalume Light sticks are made in the USA.

An official supplier to US Government – issued National Stock Numbers. (NSN)

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